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Ferrari 499P Modificata is a Le Mans race car you can buy

Ferrari is offering you a chance to buy its Le Mans-winning race car, the 499P. Initially rumoured to be called the 499XX, the 499P Modificata can be the ultimate track toy if you have the means and clout to purchase one.

According to the company, it’s a “strictly limited-series car”, which means you have to be among their most valued clients to get an allocation. Once that hurdle is sorted, you will have to set aside $5.1 million, excluding taxes.

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With that out of the way, here’s what the 499P Modificata is all about.

The Ferrari 499P Modificata is based on the same car that took top honors at the 2023 Le Mans 24 Hours – the brand’s first win in the top tier of Le Mans since 1965. While the race car has to comply with all sorts of FIA regulations, the 499P Modificata is free of all restrictions.

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The twin-turbo V6 engine produces 697 hp. The combustion engine is paired with a hybrid system that also makes it four-wheel drive for a short duration. It can be activated well below the FIA-mandated 118 mph, raising the overall output to 858 hp. The car packs an 800V battery pack and uses a 7-speed sequential gearbox.

The 499P Modificata is part of Ferrari’s new Sport Prototipi Clienti program. Under this program, track days will be held at some of the most legendary racetracks in the world. The car will be supported and maintained by Ferrari, as is the case with Corse Clienti and F1 Clienti programs.

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