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Ferrari 488 Pista sets new Production Car Lap Record at Hockenheim

There is no denying the fact that Ferrari makes quick cars. But, for some reason, Ferrari doesn’t bother about lap times. So, it’s up to publications like Sport Auto to see where the cars from Maranello stack up against the rest.

Sport Auto’s test driver Christian Gebhardt recently took the Ferrari 488 Pista around Hockenheim. It lapped the circuit in 1 min 45.9 seconds setting a new production car lap record. While, it may not be as glamorous as the Nurburgring, it’s a lap record nevertheless.

Also checkout how quickly the 488 Pista accelerates from 0-202 mph. Watch the video till the end.

The Ferrari 488 Pista was unveiled at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. It is the successor to the 458 Speciale, but unlike its predecessor, it packs a 3.9-litre, twin-turbo V8 engine that produces 710 hp @ 8000 rpm and peak torque of 568 lb-ft @ 3000 rpm. It’s the same engine that powers the 488 Challenge race car. The engine uses Inconel exhaust manifolds, lightweight crankshaft, flywheel, titanium connecting rods and carbon fiber intake plenums. It is mated to a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission.

Ferrari has also built a limited edition 488 Pista Spider, which has the same race bred engine and drivetrain. This convertible version is the last of the 488 series. As you may know that it is being replaced with the F8 Tributo.

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