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Ferrari 488 Pista-crash-Bergamo-Italy


Ferrari 488 Pista crashes into a Mercedes-AMG A45 during a rally

A video of a Ferrari 488 Pista crashing into the back of a Mercedes-AMG A45 hatchback has surfaced online. The accident reportedly took place in Bergamo, Italy, during a rally event last week.

The short video clip shows participants negotiating a hairpin bend on the rally route. As the cars in the front slow down, those in the middle of the pack start bunching up. Among them is a black Mercedes-AMG A45. The driver of the car brakes as others queue up to go around the bend.

That’s when a silver Ferrari 488 Pista appears on the scene. The supercar seems to be travelling at a fairly reasonable speed but fails to stop in time. It rams into the A45 from the rear.

The impact destroys the front end of the 488 Pista. The bumper and hood get crumpled, while the headlamps also take a hit. That being said, the damage seems superficial, as the car is later taped up and was probably driven to the nearest town.

Via: @belometti_alberto

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