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Ferrari 488 Pista crash caught on camera in the Netherlands

A video of a Ferrari 488 Pista losing control and crashing into a tree has surfaced on social media. The accident took place in the Netherlands. It is said that the supercar was just a few days old when it was wrecked.

In the video posted on @supercar.fails, you can clearly see the 488 Pista losing traction before swerving right and crashing into a roadside tree. At first glance, it appears to be a classic case of the driver trying to show off and making a fool out of himself in the process.

However, it was a mechanical failure that led to the crash. It is said that the left rear tie rod snapped just when the car had started accelerating. You can just about see the left rear wheel getting out of alignment, which confirms the claims.

The second video shows the broken tied rod. Just look at the play in the rear wheel carrier. It’s scary!

Now, we don’t what caused the tie rod to fail in such a dramatic fashion. If the car was completely stock, then we think Ferrari should conduct an investigation to ascertain the cause of the failure.

Source: @mrexumas

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