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McLaren Speedtail-Hyper-GT-BP23


EXCLUSIVE: Some more dope on the McLaren Speedtail

Yesterday, the McLaren Speedtail was revealed to customers at a private event. Following the unveiling, McLaren put out a press release with yet another teaser image and few bits of information.

Much like the Mercedes-AMG One, there is a lot of excitement surrounding the new McLaren, which is touted as the successor to the McLaren F1. And, we are keen to know more about it as much as you do. So, here’s the latest information that we’ve received from our sources.

Starting with the styling, the new Speedtail is one of the longest supercars in its segment. In fact, looking at the official teaser, it does seem more like an F1 Long Tail. The car’s aerodynamics are tuned for low drag and a higher top speed, which explains how it will be able to achieve speeds in excess of 250 mph. McLaren has apparently used a special type of carbon fiber in the Speedtail. It also uses “materials never seen before” in its construction.

It is powered by a “new-generation hybrid system”, which is likely to consists of a 4.0-liter, twin-turbo V8 and electric motors with a combined output of over 1000 hp. Thanks to an exterior designed to cut through the wind and sheer horsepower, the Speedtail will reportedly do 0-186 mph (300 km/h) in 12 seconds.


Our sources tell us that the buttons for the transmission are placed on an overhead module. The Senna has a similar setup that houses the engine start/stop button, Race mode and controls for the power windows among others.

With a limited production run of just 106 units, the demand for the McLaren Speedtail is expected to set the resale prices on fire. We won’t be surprised to see cars selling for double their MRP in the near future.

Keep watching this space for more exclusive information on this as well as other upcoming hypercars.

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