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McLaren 720S Spa 68 MSO


Exclusive! More dope on the McLaren 750S (720S replacement)

Back this January, we shared exclusive information on the McLaren 750S. We’ve now been told that the public unveiling of the 720S successor is imminent.

Our sources have also been able to dig up more juicy details about McLaren’s upcoming mid-engine supercar. As always, we will consider this information a rumor until we get the official word from McLaren.

McLaren 720S Spa 68 MSO

Sources tell us that the McLaren 750S looks almost like a 765LT with a new exhaust. The designers have reworked the rear, along with a few changes to the front end as well. Surprisingly, McLaren won’t offer the optional glass roof on the coupe, with fewer carbon fibre options.

Coming to the interior – The biggest disappointment will be the lack of a flip screen. This feature, although a gimmick, was the highlight of the 720S. However, customers will be pleased to know McLaren is finally offering Apple CarPlay.

McLaren 720S Spider-8

The McLaren 750S is expected to use the same 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine as the 720S, albeit in a higher state of tune. We’ve been told that the gear ratios have been tweaked a bit as well. With shorter gearing, the 750S is likely to have a lower top speed compared to the 720S. Interestingly, the car might give a 765LT a run for its money over a quarter mile.

In terms of pricing, the new McLaren 750S will be slightly more expensive than its predecessor. However, it would also offer a few extras over the 720S.

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