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Exclusive: Modern Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic Could be Limited to 4 Units (Update)

Bugatti has big plans for the 2019 Geneva Motor Show and a modern interpretation of the classic Type 57SC Atlantic is one of them.


Bugatti has just confirmed that the modern incarnation of the Type 57SC Atlantic will represent the past, present and the future and will be a one-off.

February 28, 2019

A few days ago, Bugatti shared images of the Type 57SC Atlantic and a teaser video showing glimpses of its modern incarnation on social media. Now, our insiders have brought us some more details about this highly secretive project.

Currently there are three Type 57SC Atlantics in existence. The first car was built in 1936 and was called “La voiture noire” or “the black car”. The second car was finished in December of 1936. It was also painted black. A third car, which was finished in Sapphire Blue was built in 1938. However, it is believed that a total of four cars were built.

Therefore, we have been told that the 21st century Type 57SC Atlantic is likely to be limited to 4 units. Also, each car will be painted in the original colours. Given the legendary status of the original Type 57SC Atlantic, the new car won’t come cheap. Sources tell us that its price might be in the ball park of $20 million.

We had earlier reported that Bugatti was building a one-off car for Dr. Ferdinand Piëch. Unconfirmed reports suggest that he might be getting the modern interpretation of the Type 57SC Atlantic itself.

In addition to this rather special and expensive machine, Bugatti will also unveil the Chiron Sport ‘110 ans Bugatti’ at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

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