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Bugatti Teases Modern Incarnation of the Type 57 Atlantic

Prepare to have your jaws drop as Bugatti may be planning a modern incarnation of a Type 57 Atlantic.

If Bugatti’s latest Instagram post is anything go by, the car maker might be planning to resurrect the Type 57 Atlantic. After a series of social media posts about the model’s history, the company practically confirmed the model’s revival. “Jean Bugatti’s 57 SC Atlantic cannot be re-created, but what do you think? Can we translate its design language into the 21st century?”

With that, the brand also confirms that the car won’t be a rebuild but a modern interpretation instead. If Bugatti designers are able to do the original car justice, then prepare to have your jaws drop. The Type 57 Atlantic is among the company’s most significant and beautiful creations ever. If you aren’t familiar with the model’s significance in Bugatti history, then we’ll let Jalopnik sum it up for you.

“The Atlantic is not just a car, but a monument to pre-war Europe. It’s one of the last great things mankind produced before everybody switched to building tanks. It’s also the pinnacle of the Bugatti family’s contribution to the twentieth century and the automotive industry. It’s a significant piece of history and its is basically art deco on four wheels. It’s also a ghost we can touch.”

We also know that former VW boss Ferdinand Piech has apparently paid $18 million for a one-off Bugatti that will be debuting at Geneva. If the one-off and the modern Type 57 Atlantic are one and the same car, then it stands to be the cheapest car with the Atlantic badge. Only three examples of the original car exist today, with one from 1936 changing hands for $40 million in 2010.

The french automaker will also display the Chiron 110 ans Bugatti at the Palexpo to celebrate its 110th anniversary.

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