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Exclusive: Bugatti’s Electric Crossover shown to Customers

Over the past few years, the SUV market has grown exponentially. To cash-in on the demand, brands like Bentley and Rolls Royce have also entered the fray. Heck, there will even be a Ferrari SUV in the near future.

Today, one of the most expensive production SUVs is the Rolls Royce Cullinan. However, there might soon be an even more exclusive entry – this time from Bugatti. That’s right, a Bugatti crossover may be on the horizon.

According to our sources, the second model in Bugatti’s range is likely to be a crossover and not a supersaloon. In fact, some customers have already been shown the new crossover. The design is said to “capture the spirit of Bugatti” with new styling elements.

We still don’t have the details about its powertrain. But, rumors suggest that it might even be electric! We already know that Audi is working with Croatian electric hypercar maker Rimac on the R8 successor. Porsche has also been perfecting electric cars and will soon launch the Taycan. But, Bugatti’s supposedly electric Crossover is yet to receive the green light from VW top bosses.

CAR Magazine had reported about this back in April 2019. Almost 4 months later, the project still seems to be awaiting approval.

Image source: CAR Magazine

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