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Bugatti EB110-1


Exclusive: Bugatti EB110 Tribute car will be the most powerful Bugatti ever!

Bugatti has been keeping mum about their upcoming hypercar and there’s certainly a reason behind it. One thing is for sure, the EB110 Tribute car is going to be special.

I say that, because we recently had a chat with a collector who has ordered one. We are told that the so-called EB110 Tribute car is “incredibly aggressive but elegant at the same time”, much like the original. It’s a car that represents 30 years of the brand and is very different from the Divo or the Chiron.

However, the most important new bit of information that we can tell you right now is that the EB110 Tribute car will be the most powerful Bugatti ever.

Earlier this month, we had reported that the new model will be lighter and more powerful than the Chiron. It will be powered by an updated 8.0-liter W16 engine.

We already have a hint about what the new car looks like. It is expected to feature at least a couple of design elements from the original EB110. One of them are the five circular vents on the side, which can be seen in this image.

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