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DRIVE ON Podcast: Catch us on ‘Bumper to Bumper with Tim Bravo’

I am super excited to announce that we got featured on the DRIVE ON Podcast!

When my friend Tim Bravo, Head of Communications, Bugatti, first invited me on his new podcast series called ‘Bumper to Bumper with Tim Bravo‘, I was quick to accept it. But only when Tim revealed the other guests who were going to be on the show, did I realize how huge this was going to be.

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Tim came up with this personal project while the world was under lockdown following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. The concept is simple – a car guy chatting with auto enthusiasts from all walks of life.

The first three episodes feature Magnus Walker – an automotive icon and a Porsche guy at heart; Romano Artioli – the godfather of the modern Bugatti and Andy Wallace – Le Mans winner, multiple speed record holder and Bugatti’s official test driver.

In episode 4, Tim sits down for a chat with automotive historian Dieter Landenberger and last week he invited Texas-based tuner and the man behind the 300 mph Venom F5John Hennessey.

This week, I get a chance to share The Supercar Blog story with the rest of the world. So, please do tune-in. If you like it, please rate and review the podcast.

It was an absolute honor to be on the show with so many illustrious people from the car world. Thank you Tim!

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