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McLaren 720S vs 800hp Ferrari F12


Drag Race: McLaren 720S vs 800HP Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Can a stock McLaren 720S beat a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta tuned to 800 hp?

If you’ve been following our coverage of Brooks’ McLaren 720S, you might be aware of how quick it really is. In the past, Dragtimes has pitted the stock 720S against a Dodge Viper ACR, Tesla Model S and even a Porsche 918 Spyder.

Also, the supercar has been dynoed before and it is believed to produce somewhere around 775 hp. That’s pretty close to tuned Ferrari it is going up against, this time.

This video further illustrates the fact that the 720S is clearly a new breed of supercar.

VIDEO: McLaren 720S could be making 775 Horespower

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