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McLaren 720S Configurator


Design your Dream Supercar with McLaren 720S Configurator

A couple of days ago, McLaren launched the new 720S at the Geneva Motor Show. A 720S configurator has already gone live on the McLaren website. So, let’s get cracking and design the supercar of our dreams.

We tried our hand at the latest 720S configurator and came up with this. A point worth noting is that the 720S is offered in three variants- Base, Luxury and Performance.

We’ve gone with the “luxury” version which adds some chrome along the roof line and painted surfaces instead of carbon fiber. The “performance” spec on the other hand uses a lot carbon fiber.

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Also, among the wide range of color choices on offer, there’s one particular shade of blue that caught our attention. It’s called “Burton Blue”. Did McLaren just name a color after Tim Burton also known as Shmee150?

Anyway, you can checkout the 720S configurator on McLaren’s official website.

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