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Deal of the Day: Bugatti Veyron Tire & Wheel Set Selling for $100,000

When it comes to Bugatti Veyron parts, none come cheap. A recently uncovered EPA application revealed that the fuel tank replacement on the Veyron costs $42,000 and oil change could set you back by $21,000. Expect to pay around $111,000 to get your Veyron some new shoes as the tire set costs $42,000 and wheel change could cost anywhere around $69,000. Considering this, a new listing on eBay offering the entire set of wheels and tires for $100,000 sounds like a great deal. The advert claims that Bugatti is currently charging $150,000 for the package, which if true, only adds to the allure of the offering.

The seller seems to have a reliable reputation on eBay and claims that the wheels are entirely authentic OZ Racing units developed for the Bugatti Veyron and that the factory-spec Michelin tires still have 85 percent of tread left. The package, which is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida appears to be in great condition and it is also mentioned that no contents of it have been refurbished.

For Veyron owners looking for new shoes for their car, it’s definitely a deal of the day. Sadly, shipping is restricted to the United States.

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