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Prices of Bugatti Veyron Replacement Parts will Make Your Eyes Water

It’s common knowledge that the cost of parts and service for the Bugatti Veyron are absurd. But, a recently uncovered EPA certification application gives us a lot more detail about the spare part prices and labour charges for a Veyron, which are of course eye watering. Here are some of the items on the list:

Starting with the most expensive, a fuel tank replacement costs $42,000 alone with the part costing $20,000 and labor costs standing at $22,000. To put that into perspective, you can literally go down to your Audi dealer and get yourself a brand new Audi S3 for that money.

Bugatti Veyron-Oil Change-DIY

The W16 engine in the Veyron has four turbochargers and replacing an individual turbo will set you back by $6,400 and the labor involved comes out to around $9,000 per pair. Exhaust manifolds are $2,000 per side but cost nearly $22,000 in labor per unit. A simple oil change costs $21,000 but as Houston Crosta has demonstrated, you can do it yourself.

There are a few parts that are prized reasonably – like the boost pressure sensors which are shared with the Golf GTI and Audi A3, and cost a little less than $20 each. Now, while these parts might come cheap, the labor costs associated are still whopping, probably due to the fact that the rear deck has to be removed in order to access them. Replacing the aforementioned boost pressure sensors requires $1,800 in labor. Similarly, the four camshaft position sensors that are shared with Mark IV Jetta and Golf are priced at $9 each but there is a $7,200 labor cost to replace all four. Camshaft adjusters are priced at $700 to $800 a piece depending on the position but labor is more than $21,000.

Check out the EPA website for the full list of Veyron components and their pricing.

Source: Road and Track

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