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Koenigsegg Agera RS Draken-for-sale


Dan_am_i is Selling his Koenigsegg Agera RS Draken

If you are familiar with @dan_am_i and his vast collection of hypercars, you know that the guy owns not one but two special Ageras. The first one is an Agera RS named Draken (Dragon) finished in polished carbon fiber with white accents and the other one is Thor, a Final Edition Agera sporting a grey exterior and white accents, again.

Both cars were delivered last year and surprisingly the Draken has been put up for sale already. The car has been listed for sale at Lamborghini Newport Beach for an undisclosed price. We don’t know why the Dan is getting rid of the car but it looks like he is probably trying to make some space in his garage for the recently launched Koenigsegg Jesko. But, why would someone buy two examples of basically the same car in the first place? Maybe, the plan all along was to flip one of the cars.

In any case, the listing provides a great opportunity for anyone looking to acquire an iconic hypercar. The Agera’s production ended last year and it’s safe to say that the model has made its way to the supercar hall of fame.

The Agera RS ‘Draken’ comes fitted with a number of bespoke components and includes diamond dust in the middle section of the clear coat. The hypercar also comes with Koenigsegg’s all-carbon fiber wheels, red brake calipers and a special ‘Draken’ logo on each side. The car only has 1,681 miles (2,705 km) on the clock. If we were to guess the asking price, we won’t put it below $5 million. But, a car like the Agera, which we may also remind you is currently the ‘fastest road legal car on the planet’, should be worth every penny and that’s not what we can say about a lot of other hypercars.

Source: Lamborghini Newport Beach


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