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McLaren P1 4.0L-Whitesse-1


McLaren P1 with a 4.0L Cosworth engine is one of the rarest

Well-known American supercar collector @whitesse has revealed his custom McLaren P1 with a Cosworth engine upgrade. The spec might look familiar as it is based on one of his other one-off hypercars – the Koenigsegg Agera RS1. However, the modifications are more than skin deep.

This McLaren P1 was acquired by @whitesse from another collector. It was shipped to Lanzante straight away to be converted to US specifications.

McLaren P1 4.0L-Whitesse-2

Once that was done, the car got custom interior upholstery made from the same material as the Agera RS1. The blue highlight on the exterior has also been painted for the perfect look.

McLaren P1 4.0L-Whitesse-4

Now, coming to the most interesting thing about this car. This P1 is one of just three standard P1 road cars fitted with the upgraded 4.0-liter engine. According to the owner, the engine was completely stripped down and sent to Cosworth for the upgrade. It has a long-stroke crank, all-new titanium components, upgraded coils and valve springs, upgraded turbochargers, new fuel lines, and an ECU remap. To top it all off, the car has a 24k gold exhaust heat shield, just like the McLaren F1.

McLaren P1 4.0L-Whitesse-3

We think the McLaren P1 looks absolutely epic in the Agera RS1-inspired spec. The fact that it has the ultra-rare 4.0L engine makes it even more special.

Source: @whitesse

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