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Bugatti Chiron successor V16 Hybrid engine teaser


Confirmed! Bugatti Chiron successor to get a V16 Hybrid engine

Bugatti has announced that its next-gen hypercar (Chiron successor) will be powered by a V16 hybrid engine, just as we told you exactly a month ago.

A short teaser video shared by Bugatti reveals the carbon fibre plenum of the new powertrain. The automaker has also confirmed that it will be revealed in June, possibly along with the Chiron successor.

While technical details of the new powertain are still under wraps, sources have told us that the V16 engine has been developed by Cosworth. It’s an 8.3-liter naturally aspirated motor that revs to 9000 rpm. The internal combustion engine will be paired with three electric motors for a combined output of 1800 hp.

Bugatti describes the new V16 hybrid powertrain as an automotive pinnacle. It’s incomparable in every detail and made not just for the present, or even the future, but for eternity.

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