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Comparison: Top 5 Performance Tyres for Supercars

Looking for a new rubber for your hot wheels? There are tons of tyre products in the market labelled as performance tyres, but not so many of them really proved themselves to be ones.

When hunting for your perfect set (and nothing less than perfect works for a supercar), you should be guided by the results of independent tests and choice of prominent automakers when they decide on their go-to tyre. So, the leading dealer of tyres and accessories, suggests that Pirelli and Michelin are unbeatable leaders in the market. This doesn’t, however, mean that you cannot consider more pocket-friendly options. Here is what to look for when you need a real thing.

Michelin Pilot Super Sport

Michelin Pilot Sport

Pilot Sport and Pilot Super Sport tyres by Michelin are considered probably the best performance tyres in the market. There is no wonder that Ferrari chose this rubber for its new Ferrari 488. Thanks to the asymmetric tread pattern, these tyres’ wet performance is only slightly inferior to their dry one. Faster steering response and acceleration, more accurate cornering, and one of the shortest stopping distances possible – are just a few advantages of Pilot Super Sport to name. Add a 30,000 mile warranty and availability in sizes from 17” to 22” to admit that this tire is a true leader.

Pirelli P Zero Corsa System

Pirelli P Zero Corsa

Developed in association with McLaren, a British leading supercar manufacturer, Pirelli’s Corsa is aimed at balancing the street and track performance to make your travelling to and from the track absolutely safe and comfortable. What you win is a noise absorbing technology and a top-notch dry grip while on the tarmac; however, the mileage and wet traction would be average, which is actually a natural compromise when you are looking for the stellar on-track performance. Available in 19” and 20” sizes.

Dunlop Sport Maxx Soft and Super Soft

Dunlop Sport Maxx

The slicks presented in 2017 retain the same compound as their forerunner, but what was totally changed is the mould. The new slick is more than a pound heavier and 0.6 inches wider and boasts a less rounded shape thanks to its flat tread surface. It means better stability and grip, of course, translated into more rubber left on the tarmac. While Super Softs feature stylish white sidewalls, the Soft version sports a yellow sidewall signage. A grooved version is also available for wet driving conditions. If you are more into street performance, consider grippy Dunlop Sport Maxx RT tyres that are especially winning for AWD cars.

Continental Sport Contact 5P

Continental ContiSport Contact 5P

Continental tyres have been standard equipment for the new models of Mercedes-Benz and BMW for many years. This can be a good reason to consider the trusted brand for your performance car. ContiSport Contact 5P is famous for its top-notch traction and remarkable for the high-performance rubber durability.

Goodyear Eagle F1

Goodyear Eagle F1-tires

This budget performance tyre saves you some cash offering a decent level of grip at the same time. Many owners of performance vehicles ranging in 200-300 horsepower, for which Super Sport tyres could be an expensive overkill, find Eagle F1 as an absolutely sufficient solution.

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