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Chevrolet Camaro Vivid Orange is a 20-unit limited edition for Japan

The Chevrolet Camaro is a pretty popular model not just in the USA, but also other places like Japan. Hence for the Camaro enthusiasts in Japan, the American carmaker has launched a limited edition version. This is in partnership with Number-D, a known graffiti artist.

Chevrolet Camaro Vivid Orange limited edition : More Details

While the Camaro is sold with the Vivid Orange shade in the United States, it is not available in the Japanese market. Hence it makes this special edition pretty rare.

There is also a silver stripe from the front to the rear boot. And Chevrolet has equipped the interiors with jet black materials and racing seats from Recaro.
Apart from this, Number-D has been roped in to create an artwork with the car.

Powertrain of the Chevrolet Camaro Vivid Orange limited edition

Based on the Camaro SS, this limited edition comes with a 6.2-litre V8 motor. This engine is good for 447 HP and 455 lb-ft. of peak torque. The power figure is slightly lesser than the 455 HP of the same car sold in the USA.

Pricing and Delivery of the Chevrolet Camaro Vivid Orange limited edition

In terms of price, the car will be available at US$ 66,275. This is around US$ 3,000 more than the price of the Camaro SS sold in Japan.

Bookings for this limited edition model started from 8 May 2023. Meanwhile Chevrolet will also display the car at the Fuji Speedway on the Chevrolet Fan Day. Chevrolet dealers will get an artwork by Number-D, while test drives will take place on June 3-4. Chevrolet will start delivering these cars sometime in mid June.

Future of the Camaro nameplate

Back in March, Chevrolet said that the Camaro would soon cease production by January 2024. The American carmaker has however confirmed that this won’t be the last Camaro to be made. However, the name Camaro is here to stay. A new model is in the pipeline to replace the current car, but it is still some time away.

To this effect, Chevrolet will launch a collector’s edition of the car to mark the end of the production.

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