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2020 Chevrolet Camaro SS-1


Chevrolet Camaro to end production after MY24 release; new car in the works

Chevrolet has just announced that production of the Camaro is set to stop after the My2024 vehicles are out. The last of the 6th-gen Chevy Camaros will roll out in January 2024 from the carmaker’s Lansing Grand River Assembly Plant. That said, there is good news – the carmaker has confirmed that this is not the end of the Camaro brand.

Chevrolet Camaro 6th-generation

The 6th-gen Camaro has been on sale since the last nine years. In the first year itself, Chevrolet sold over 72,705 copies of this iconic muscle car. That said, unlike the 5th-gen Camro that did exceed 80,000 sales in a year five times, the 6th-gen car could never match the success of the outgoing car. Further, by 2022, sales had stooped to a low 24,652 units.

Collector’s Edition for the last year of the Camaro

Chevrolet has not yet revealed full details about the special Collector’s Edition of the Camaro. However, according to a teaser image, this limited edition will have ties that date back to the 1960s. This was the year of the first-generation Camaro. The Camaro was initially internally code-named as the Panther. This means the package could be for the RS and SS models along with a limited kit for the ZL1 trim.

Mustang is now the lone Muscle car on sale in USA

Post this news, it is clear that the Ford Mustang will be the only muscle car on sale post 2023. Even the Dodge Challenger will stop production this year. The land of the muscle car will have only one car claiming to be a proper muscle car. This also shows us the trends of car sales in the country with buyers preferring something other than the full-blown muscle car.

Infact, some sources have said that the next Camaro nameplate could have electrification. This would mean a demise of the traditional muscle car with a large engine upfront.

Chevrolet Camaro to end production

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