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Bugatti Veyron Exhaust Upgrade


Bugatti Veyron sounds Demonic with Exhaust Upgrade

This could be the world’s first Bugatti Veyron with a modified exhaust.

Last month, Houston Costa promised us that he would swap the stock exhaust on his Bugatti Veyron for a new titanium unit from Ryft. Well, he has done it.

The Veyron certainly sounds brutal with the new exhaust system. How much of a performance gain it translates to is not yet known. But, don’t worry. Houston will be putting the car on the dyno once again.

The last time the Veyron was on the dyno, it registered 897 hp and 909 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. Which translates to about 1076 hp at the crank. That’s more than what Bugatti claims. Houston expects the exhaust system to boost performance by up to 15%. Which means, we could be looking at a peak output of around 1200 hp!

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