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Bugatti Track Hypercar teaser-2


Bugatti Track Hypercar looks bonkers in the latest teaser

Bugatti will soon release one last teaser image of the track hypercar ahead of its official unveiling. The latest teaser shows just how extreme this car is.

Here you see the car devoid of all its bodywork. Looking at this image, it seems like the track hypercar is essentially a W16 engine strapped to two seats. The driver and passenger sit low down and in a reclined position. The transmission forms the backbone of the car and the air intake seems to have been positioned right next to the driver’s head. Note the French Airforce roundel on the intake – a clear reference to its aviation heritage.

We’ve already seen camouflaged images of the track hypercar lapping the Paul Ricard circuit. In case you still haven’t seen the spy shots, follow the link.

One-off Bugatti Track Hypercar-3

We also believe that the track car will be offered with the 1600 hp version of the 8.0-liter W16 engine. Interestingly, the car will be all-wheel drive. Despite the all-wheel drive system, the car is expected to be lighter than the regular Chiron.

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