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Bugatti to reveal a new hypercar on June 8

Bugatti has just dropped a teaser of a new hypercar. It will be unveiled on June 8.

Looking at the teaser, it seems to be a new version of the Chiron. Look closer and you will notice that fan at the back is visible through the cabin, which leads us to suspect that it might have a larger rear glass. Also, the car doesn’t seem to have conventional wing mirrors.

We have seen quite a few variations of the Chiron till now. The Pur Sport is a track-focused machine built to attack corners, while the Super Sport 300+ is a lightweight, low downforce beast that can reach 300 mph.

We also know that Bugatti is not going to build a Chiron Grand Sport with a Targa top. Therefore, if we were to hazard a guess, this could be yet another special edition of the Chiron. Perhaps a super lightweight car powered by the mighty 1600 hp Thor engine. After all, Bugatti does promise “performance like no other car on earth”.

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