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Bugatti Mistral build slot for sale at $6.3 million

A Bugatti Mistral build slot has popped-up for sale just days following its official unveiling at Pebble Beach.

The base price of the Bugatti Mistral is $5 million. However, the seller, who is based out of Frankfurt, Germany, is quoting $6.3 million. It’s not a surprise as only 99 cars are being produced, and all have already been spoken for. The demand for the Mistral is huge, and the prices are only going to rise going forward.

Bugatti Mistral W16-open-top-hypercar-3

The Bugatti Mistral is the first open-top hypercar based on the Chiron and the last model to feature the legendary 8.0-litre W16 engine. The 1600 hp behemoth is the same ‘Thor’ engine that powers the Chiron Super Sport and Centodieci.

The design of the Mistral draws inspiration from various Bugatti models from the recent past. The overall concept is reminiscent of the Veyron Barchetta that never saw the light of day. The headlamp graphic is derived from the Bugatti Divo, while the rear end draws inspiration from the track-only Bugatti Bolide.

Source: James Edition

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