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Bugatti had no plans to build a Chiron Roadster, says brand’s CTO

Back in 2020, we had reported that Bugatti was planning to build a one-off Chiron Roadster. This news came as a surprise since we were told that the Chiron platform was never designed with an open-top model in mind.


Bugatti’s Chief Technical Officer Emelio Scervo, has just confirmed what we told you 4 years ago.

“The Chiron family was never intended to have a roadster model,” Scervo said. “That is why we had to start afresh when we decided to build the W16 Mistral, the ultimate tribute to our rich roadster history and our legendary W16 engine. A Chiron without a roof might be an amazing car for many others, but it wouldn’t meet the uncompromisingly high standards that Bugatti adheres to. No matter what type of hyper sports car it is, a Bugatti model must be incomparable in every respect to anything else in the automotive world.”


Eventually, what started off as a one-off project spawned the limited-edition Bugatti Mistral – the spiritual successor to the Veyron Grand Sport. It is the last production model to use the 8.0-liter W16.

Meanwhile, work on the Chiron successor is already in progress. Rumors suggest that it could be powered by a V16 engine. We will be posting an update on the new model very soon. So stay tuned!

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