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Exclusive! Bugatti Chiron successor; V16 engine, transparent dash & more

There have been several rumors about the Bugatti Chiron successor. Some suggest it might get a V16 engine, while others talk of a more modest V8 hybrid. However, customers who have attended Bugatti’s private events are all talking about the V16.

As per the latest rumor mill, the V16 powertrain is being developed by Rimac and Cosworth, with the former probably in charge of building the hybrid system. It is said that the internal combustion engine will have a displacement of 8,300cc and might produce 1000 hp. The 8.3-liter V16 will be paired with three electric motors together producing 800 hp, resulting in a combined output of 1800 hp.

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In October, a member of the Germancarforum posted an image of a private presentation where you could see the Chiron successor sitting under a cover. Clearly, clients have had a sneak peek at the upcoming hypercar already. In fact, some say that the new model will have a “transparent dashboard”.

Bugatti has been producing highly-exclusive, limited-edition hypercars. The Molsheim factory has built 450 examples of the Veyron, while the Chiron was limited to just 500 units. If the latest rumors are true, then the Chiron successor could be even more exclusive. It is said that just 250 cars will be produced for the entire world, and we suspect that most of these will be sold out by the time the car is unveiled around March 2024.

So, that’s the update we have for now. Could these rumors be true? Let us know in the comments.

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