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Bugatti Galibier Concept Supercar-leaked-image


Bugatti Galibier Concept Supercar Leaked! (Update)

Update: Multiple sources have told us that this image is most likely a fake. Nevertheless, it’s a rather good rendering.

Of late, Bugatti has been pushing new variants and one-offs like never before. After unveiling the Centodieci at Pebble Beach, Bugatti unveiled the 305 mph Chiron Super Sport 300+. Now, a leaked image of the Galibier concept supercar has leaked on social media.

At first, some might expect the Bugatti Galibier concept to be based on the Chiron. However, looking at the image, it appears that it might have a front-mid mounted engine. Now, that’s something we haven’t seen since the EB110.

The car seems to be finished in a dual-tone shade of black and silver. The front looks like a more extreme version of the Divo and has large vents on the engine cover. Also, is that pushrod suspension peeking through? The driver’s cabin looks narrower than the Chiron and has a wraparound windshield. At the rear, you can clearly see the exhaust and suspension components.

A few months back, we were told that Bugatti could be working on “something very different”. We tried to investigate further but our sources couldn’t give us any concrete information at the time. If this is indeed the Bugatti Galibier concept, then it proves that our sources were right. This thing is unlike any modern Bugatti.

We reached out to Bugatti for a clarification, but they declined to comment on the rumor. That said, we will see if we can check the authenticity of this image and update the same.

Source: Instagram

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