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Bugatti Chiron successor instrument gauge cluster


Bugatti Chiron successor’s transparent gauge cluster leaked!

In January, we did a story on the Bugatti Chiron successor and some of its design details. We were the first to report on the new hypercar’s exterior and interior highlights. We told you that it will have a “McLaren P1-ish” rear fascia, which was recently confirmed when the first images of the prototype appeared.

The latest leaked image shows the Chiron successor’s instrument/gauge cluster. Again, our sources have been right on the money. We were told that the gauges would be inspired by mechanical Swiss watches and that’s what it looks like.

Bugatti Chiron successor BR1 gauges-speedometer

The triple-pod setup comprises an analogue speedometer in the centre, the rev counter on the right and three additional gauges on the left. The central unit also has a small digital readout at the bottom. However, the biggest highlight is the see-through dials, which reveal the mechanism with all the gears, just like an expensive Swiss timepiece.

As you may be aware, Bugatti is dumping its iconic W16 engine for a V16 hybrid setup. The new powertrain is said to develop around 1800 hp, which should be enough to propel the car to over 300 mph. Note that the speedo goes up to 550 kph or 342 mph, which is 50 kph or 31 mph higher than the speedo gauge on the Chiron.

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