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Bugatti Chiron Racecar Rendering by YasidDESIGN


Bugatti Chiron Racecar Rendering by YasidDESIGN

Bugatti Chiron Racecar Rendering by YasidDESIGN

The Bugatti Chiron made its debut last week at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. The Chiron is a 267 mph hypercar with an interior that’s as luxurious as a Bentley. McLaren, Ferrari and Aston Martin have shown us that there is a market for no holds barred racing cars. So, if Bugatti were to transform the Chiron into a hardcore race car this is how it could look like.

Creative chaps at YasidDESIGN have come up with this rendering of a Bugatti Chiron racecar. We think it looks plausible however Bugatti might not agree. The artists have neatly integrated a humongous rear diffuser that looks intense. The bodywork has been reshaped for extra downforce but the exposed engine bay with all the race car bits is our favorite.

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A car like this would probably feel like a Nissan GT-R high on dope. With an 8.0-liter W16 engine to boast, a similar Chiron race car might be good for at least 2000 hp with all the modifications. If a V6 twin-turbo Nissan engine can tuned to over 1500 hp, then a W16 would surely have more to offer.

Source: YasidDESIGN via Facebook

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