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Bugatti Chiron arrives in San Diego


Bugatti Chiron arrives in San Diego

Bugatti Chiron arrives in San Diego

If you wish to see the new Bugatti Chiron in person and you happen to live in the San Diego area, consider yourself luck. That’s because a Bugatti Chiron just arrived in your city and will be on display at a Cars and Coffee event later this weekend.

A Bugatti Chiron showed up on a transporter at O’gara Coach La Jolla in San Diego yesterday, where it stay for the coming days. According to our good friend Spencer Berke, the Chiron will be the featured car at the upcoming Cars and Coffee event. It is also the first time a Chiron has landed in San Diego and you wouldn’t want to miss the chance to catch a glimpse.

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Given the fact that there are just a handful of demo cars built, this Chiron seems to be the same car which was siting at Manhattan Motorcars in New York for some time. Bugatti is currently accepting orders for the $2.5 million dollar Chiron. So, if you’re interested get in touch with Spencer Berke at O’Gara Coach.

Bugatti Chiron arrives in San Diego:

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