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Bugatti Chiron arrives in Manhattan


Bugatti Chiron Arrives in Manhattan

Bugatti Chiron arrives in Manhattan

If you live around New York City you might catch a glimpse of the Bugatti Chiron. The $2.6 million supercar is currently parked at Manhattan Motorcars- one of two Bugatti dealerships in the United States.

The Chiron parked in Manhattan seems like the one unveiled at Geneva sporting a combination of blues on the exterior. It’s a show car similar to the white Chiron delivered to a showroom Munich. Moreover, with a demo car now available in the US, customers would be able to experience the Chiron up close.

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Bugatti unveiled the new Chiron at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. The company plans to build 500 units over the coming years out of which 170 cars have already been booked. The much awaited Veyron replacement packs 1500 hp courtesy of a revised 8.0-liter W16 quad-turbocharged engine. Bugatti claims the Chiron can hit a top speed of 267 mph- not a slouch, then.

Source: Bugatt Chiron unofficial page,

Checkout the latest images of the Bugatti Chiron posted by Manhattan Motorcars Inc. here-

Source: Manhattan Motorcars Inc.

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