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Bugatti Chiron seized South Korea


Bugatti Chiron among $6.2 million worth of supercars seized in South Korea

A massive money laundering operation has been busted in South Korea. Nine people have been indicted on charges related to an illegal online gambling website. It is said that the proceeds from the website were used to purchase luxury vehicles, real estate and art pieces.

According to prosecutors, the group earned over $41.1 million from the gambling website. One of the suspects is said to have imported supercars worth $6.2 million. These include several Ferraris, Lamborghinis and even a Bugatti Chiron Sport.

Reports suggest the suspect also purchased a tire company for $10.4 million. Certainly a wise decision, given the fact that replacement tires for a Bugatti aren’t cheap.

The group is said to have purchased a plot of land in an upscale neighborhood in Seoul’s Gangnam District for $12.2 million. They also bought 47 pieces of art, including those by Pablo Picasso.

It has been reported that the authorities have managed to seize at least $40 million worth of assets. However, one suspect who is believed to be directly associated with the website is still absconding.

Source: Korean JoongAng Daily

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