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Ferrari 812 Spider-leaked


BREAKING: Ferrari 812 Spider First Image Leaked Online?

Are we looking at the first image of the Ferrari 812 Spider? We could be as it’s that time of the year when Ferrari gathers together some of its customers to show a new convertible.

This looks legit and goes well with the previous reports of the Ferrari 812 Spider being scheduled for a September 2019 unveiling to a select batch of Ferrari owners. We spotted this image on Facebook. Cavallino Rampante deserves the credit for giving everyone the first look of the highly-anticipated 812 Spider.

There were reports earlier of Ferrari customers receiving invitations to attend either one of two private events (scheduled to take place in the beginning of September) where the 812 Spider will be unveiled to them. The picture could have been taken by someone who wanted to let everyone else in on the fun before the official images are dropped by Ferrari PR.

There are no details out yet – official or unofficial. Putting our thinking caps on, the 812 Spider will be powered by the same 6.5-liter V12 making 789 hp and 530 lb-ft which resides under the hood of the hardtop. The Spider could be slightly heavier than the coupe (structural strengthening stuff). Oh, and when you are done enjoying the sun above and the sound of the V12 in front, a folding hardtop roof like the Portofino and/or 488 Spider will keep you cocooned.

Ferrari would be taking this one to series production instead of limiting it to a few dozen select customers. This isn’t a LaFerrari Aperta anyway.

Now come on and give us those official pics, Ferrari.

Source: Cavallino Rampante

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