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Breaking: Chevrolet Camaro will not be Killed Off

Fresh reports have surfaced stating that the Chevrolet Camaro will not be axed in 2023. Apparently, GM is considering a delay and not the outright elimination of the nameplate’s future iteration.

Over the past few days, every major automotive site out there were posting write-ups of the impending death of the Chevrolet Camaro. Yes, even we freaked out over the report that came up on Muscle Cars and Trucks which claimed to have inside information hinting at the Camaro not getting a seventh-generation model.

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Well, now GM Authority reports that the muscle car will not be phased out in 2023 as everyone feared. Instead, the seventh-generation Camaro will be delayed a bit until further notice. What’s interesting though is that the GM Authority post also speaks of the refresh and variant launch plans that the company has in mind for the current-gen model of the sports car, all the way till 2023. Something which the Muscle Cars and Trucks post spoke of as well.

The latest development proves to be a huge relief for Camaro fans who were shocked to hear the news of the muscle car’s speculated exit after a couple of years. Plus, it gives a lot of hope for those who are actually looking forward to a superior version of the Camaro compared to the lackluster car available now.

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New-gen models of both the Ford Mustang and the Dodge Challenger are expected in 2021 and 2022 respectively. Delaying the development of the seventh-generation Camaro might turn out to be a good thing as it will allow GM to make a competent muscle car capable enough to address the dwindling sales and dropping image of the revered nameplate.

Source: GM Authority

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