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VIDEO: Brabham BT62 is a Masterpiece of Automotive Engineering

Last month, Brabham Automotive revealed the BT62 track supercar. Since then, the car has already proved its potential on the track by setting a lap record at the Philip Island GP Circuit in Australia. Now, thanks to the guys at Carfection, we get to learn more about the engineering behind the Brabham BT62 from David Brabham himself.

Brabham explains all the design decisions that led to the creation of the BT62. The focus is clearly on aerodynamics. The all carbon fiber body has front fender vents, massive front splitter, aerodynamic side skirts and a large rear wing that help the car achieve an impressive 1200 kg of downforce. Underneath the carbon body is a double-wishbone suspension with adjustable anti-roll bars and four-way adjustable Ohlins dampers. The car has also been installed with a high-performance carbon ceramic Brembo brakes with 6-piston calipers.

The proportions of the BT62 seem much smaller in the video than what the pictures made us believe. But, unlike most other supercars from upstart manufacturers, the BT62 looks very original.

The BT62 is powered by the company’s own 5.4-liter, naturally-aspirated V8 which produces 710 hp and 492 lb-ft of torque. With a dry weight of just 972 kg, the BT62 chives an impressive power to weight ratio of 720 hp per tonne. Towards the end of the video, we are also treated to the sound of the BT62. If there is one thing we know about naturally-aspirated V8s, it’s that they sound amazing and the BT62 is no exception.

That said, it wont come cheap as the BT62 will cost $1.3 million a piece. Brabham will make only 70 units of the car with deliveries starting later this year. We just hope they build a street-legal version of this insane machine.

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