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The Best Used Ford Cars on the Market

For motorists shopping in the used car market, it can be tricky to know where to turn because it is such a gigantic marketplace and you often hear stories of people getting scammed or purchasing unreliable cars. The best approach is to select a reliable and highly regarded brand, such as Ford.

Ford is the biggest car brand in the UK and a popular manufacturer with new drivers, families, professionals and other types of motorist. They have developed this reputation through consistently making brilliantly engineered cars that are built to last, with a class-leading contender in practically every market.

A used Ford will always be a smart investment thanks to their build quality, but here are a few of the best used Ford cars to keep your eyes peeled for, with places like Motorpoint being a good place to start your search.

Ford Focus

The iconic Ford Focus hatchback has been one of the best-selling cars in the UK for many years now, and this is for good reason. With an attractive style, sharp handling, comfy interior and fantastic build quality, it is one of the best value automobiles available. It is also popular with both young drivers and families, making it one of the more common sights on UK roads. On top of all this, the Ford Focus is cheap to run too which makes it appealing for those on a tight budget. The Focus is currently on its third-generation which has received universal praise, but any generation would be a great investment for any motorist.

Ford Fiesta

Ford’s other pride and joy is the Fiesta, which is another best-seller in the UK. Another brilliantly designed hatchback well-suited to many different types of motorist, the Fiesta is a very popular car as it can be both cheap to buy and run – it is for this reason that it is many people’s first car. On top of this, the Fiesta is great fun to drive, there are many different engines to choose from and it is a comfortable ride. Additionally, the later generations come with a host of new technology that can improve both the driver and passenger experience greatly.

Ford Kuga


The Kuga is Ford’s foray into the small SUV market and it has firmly established itself as a class leader. It has an attractive design, plenty of space inside for passengers plus luggage and there is the option for four-wheel- drive for the top trim levels. The Kuga also has a lot of standard equipment, so it is a great car for active families.

Another reason that it is a popular choice with families is the five-star EuroNCAP crash rating and the lengthy safety equipment list, including ABS, Emergency Brake Warning and more. A second-hand Kuga would be a smart investment and great value for money.

Ford is a great brand to buy used as their cars as so reliable, with the above three being the pick of the bunch when it comes to reliability and value for money.

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