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Bentley wants to sell you a $255,000 Coffee-Table Book

Only 7 copies of the $255,000 Bentley Centenary Opus coffee-table book will be produced and there are diamonds on it to justify the price. And it weighs 30 kilos!

Bentley has taken merchandising to a new level with this – a coffee-table book which costs as much as a McLaren 600LT Spider. The Bentley Centenary Opus coffee-table book is one of the handful of ways by which the carmaker is celebrating its 100 years of operations. A special edition Continental GT – the Bentley Continental GT Number 9 Edition by Mulliner – had been unveiled earlier this year to commemorate the 100th birthday.

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Weighing a whopping 30 kg (66 pounds), the Centenary Opus is the heaviest car book ever produced. Packed with 800 pages and spreading out to three-feet width, the book will be printed in collaboration with Opus, a specialist luxury book publisher. Nine chapters full of text, sketches and photographs tell the story of how Bentley became the acclaimed brand that it is today. There are also pages dedicated to the people who shaped Bentley’s past, present and are helping the brand build its future.

Printed and hand-bound in England, the Centenary Opus has its cover made from genuine Bentley leather – the same leather used to deck up the opulent interiors of their luxury cars. The winged badge at the front too is the same one adorning the land yachts made by the carmaker.

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Much like the cars that they make, the Bentley Centenary Opus coffee-table book will be available in three trims. The Centenary Edition is priced at $3,800 with 500 copies to be placed on sale. The Mulliner Edition costs $16,000 each and 100 copies will be produced. There are dozens of additional content, perks, and Bentley experiences that are bundled with this edition, including a VIP tour of the Bentley factory in Crewe, a three-year subscription to the Bentley Drivers Club, a lunch with the Bentley design team and dinner with racing legend Derek Bell.

The flagship trim is the $255,000 100 Carat Edition. Only 7 copies will be created, garnished with 100 carats diamonds and platinum/white gold edges. The allotment is one book for each continent. With the Mulliner Edition mentioned earlier packing so many fancy add-ons, we can’t even imagine the scale and scope of the goodies which will come bundled with the 100 Carat Edition.

Read up more about the book and the specifications of each trim in the dedicated Bentley site link below. You can also place your order there.

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