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2016 Bentley Continental GT Facelift


Bentley Continental GT W12 Facelift: Video

2016 Bentley Continental GT Facelift

Bentley has given the Continental GT as facelift and Drew Stearne has been driving it in Norway on the gorgeous Atlantic Ocean road. What Bentley has done here is made some tweaks to the exterior styling of the Continental in order to hide the age of the car; something that was necessary especially since the GT has been around for more than a decade.

Click here to watch Drew explaining the reason why Bentley chose a W12 engine for the Continental GT.

The new Bentley Continental GT is still available with the behemoth of a W12 engine while for those more concerned about their carbon footprint, Bentley also offers a smaller V8. Having said that, the Continental GT manages to be one of the best grand tourers around rubbing shoulders with the Aston Martin DB9. That makes me wonder- the British really are experts at building fast, comfy GT cars.

Click here to watch the Bentley Continental GT V8 S review.

2016 Bentley Continental GT W12 Facelift:

Source: XCARFilms via Youtube

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