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Aspark SP600 electric hypercar top speed record


Aspark SP600 beats the Rimac Nevera’s EV top speed record

Japanese electric hypercar brand Aspark is back in the headlines. This time, the Aspark SP600 beat the mighty Rimac Nevera, setting a new EV top speed record.

The SP600 clocked a top speed of 272.6 mph (438.7 km/h) at the ATP proving ground in Papenburg, Germany. This is the same track where the Nevera had set the previous record. The only caveat is that the SP600 is not a series production car like the Nevera.

The Aspark SP600 was driven by Marc Basseng. The same guy who has the Nurburgring lap record in a Pagani Zonda R to his name.

The Japanese EV maker demonstrated its capabilities back in 2018 with the Aspark Owl. It managed to hit 0-60 mph in just 1.6 seconds, beating the Tesla Model S P100D in the process.

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