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Young Thug Gunna Rolls Royce Punk


American rappers trash a Rolls Royce Wraith to promote new album

Last week, two American rappers trashed a Rolls Royce Wraith in Los Angeles, all for the sake of promoting their new album ‘Punk’.

A video of the duo smashing the expensive coupe with bats has surfaced online. Songwriter and producer Metro Boomin was also seen taking shots at the Rolls, which had the word ‘Punk’ spray-painted on it.

I fail to comprehend how anyone could destroy a Rolls Royce like this, or any car for that matter. Perhaps, we enthusiasts would never understand it. Even if we had pockets as deep as these fellows, we would never undertake such a stunt.

That said, given the kind of media attention it has received, the stunt seems to have worked.

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