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Jon Olsson-Rolls Royce Wraith-George


Jon Olsson names Custom Rolls Royce Wraith, George

Jon Olsson has revealed his latest toy. It is a custom Rolls Royce Wraith and it’s called George. When I say ‘custom’, I mean it as bonkers as his past creations including the 9oo hp Audi RS6 DTM and the Lamborghini Huracan equipped with a ski box.

The name George sounds pretty benign but wait till you see the specs on this thing. It is based on the Rolls Royce Wraith and was bought by Olsson a while ago. Absolute Motors in The Netherlands worked on it to create a custom exterior finished in Olsson’s signature camo-wrap, a roof rack and extra spotlights housed in the grille.

 Under the hood, “George The Rolls” gets a custom Quicksilver exhaust system and the V12 engine has been turned up to 810 hp. Not quite as powerful as some of his previous cars but still pretty insane.

Checkout Jon Olsson’s latest vlog detailing “George The Rolls” below.


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