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Google VP Ferrari LaFerrari -3


American LaFerraris recalled by NHTSA

Google VP Ferrari LaFerrari -3

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has announced a recall of all Ferrari LaFerrari supercars sold in America. It constitutes 85 of these exclusive hybrid supercars that are currently on roads in the US.

According to the safety regulator, American LaFerraris failed to comply with requirements of the Federal Motor Safety Standard on one count. The recall has been announced for headrests that may not be able to absorb required amount of energy during an impact, increasing the risk of injury. Ferrari has been notified about the issue and a new set of headrests will be installed at dealerships free of cost.

The Ferrari LaFerrari comes with a factory fitted tire pressure monitoring system. The system notifies the driver in case of a puncture or loss in pressure by displaying the message- “Low Tyre Pressure- Max Speed 50 mph”. Now, NHTSA wants this notification revised to- “Low Tyre Pressure- do not proceed”. Although it sounds trivial, it would require a software update which will be done for free.

So if you happen to own one of the 85 American LaFerraris, you should receive a notification from the dealers soon.

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