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Yellow LaFerarri for sale in the US-Giallo Modena-5 Ferrari Supercars for Sale 

Yellow LaFerrari For Sale in the US- Low Miles, One Owner

Phillips Auto has a low miles, one owner yellow LaFerrari for sale in the Los Angeles area. It’s a 2015 Ferrari LaFerrari with just 196 miles and comes with list of options. It is one of the handful of LaFerraris painted in a shade called Giallo Modena. Carbon fiber door mirrors and lower outer zone add contrast along with platinum finish alloy wheels and matching yellow brake calipers. The interior of this yellow LaFerrari is a blend of bare carbon fiber, black leather and alcantara. The matching yellow piping on…

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Ferrari F12 Berlinetta by Carlex Design-1 Ferrari News 

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Interior Upgrade by Carlex Design

Ferrari offers extensive customization options to help you personalize your F12. But, if for instance, you forgot to tick the right boxes, fear not. Carlex Design has got you covered with their F12 Berlinetta interior upgrade. Carlex Design specialize in creating bespoke interiors for high-end luxury cars and supercars. Their latest creation is based on a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. While, the F12’s interior isn’t particularly shabby, the folks at Carlex Design have managed to spice it up even further in their own unique style. Eye-catching highlights in yellow that match the exterior…

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Rosso Rubino-Burgundy LaFerrari For Sale-UK-2 Ferrari Supercars for Sale 

Stunning Burgundy Ferrari LaFerrari For Sale in the UK

Romans International in the UK have a stunning burgundy LaFerrari for sale. It’s a unique and rare spec that really suits the LaFerrari in my opinion. The official name of the color is Rosso Rubino and it is complimented by gold alloy wheels and Cuoio alcantara interior. This LaFerrari in a rare spec has 760 miles on the clock and comes with Ferrari warranty. Romans International have listed the car for £2,795,000. That’s more than $3.4 million which is about what a low mileage LaFerrari costs today. For that sort of money,…

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Ferrari 458 Speciale Crash-Paul Ricard Ferrari Videos 

VIDEO: Ferrari 458 Speciale Crashes on a wet Paul Ricard Circuit

The Paul Ricard circuit in France is known for its massive run-offs. The driver of this Ferrari wasn’t lucky enough and found a wall instead. His 458 Speciale crashed hard as he lost control during track day. Recent rain showers had made the track wet, however it doesn’t look that bad in the video. It seems, the driver of the 458 Speciale was a bit to eager with the throttle. He lost the back-end was a passenger from then on wards. The expensive exotic skidded off the tarmac and straight…

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Ferrari megacar-LaFerrari replacement-patent images-1 Ferrari News 

Ferrari Megacar Patent Images: Potential LaFerrari Replacement or a One-off?

Patents filed by Ferrari back in August 2016 reveal what could potentially be the LaFerrari replacement. If that’s not the case, then it might even be an exclusive, re-bodied, limited edition model based on the LaFerrari. The patent images reveal a handsome looking supercar designed by Ferrari’s design director himself. Clearly, the LaFerrari has been the inspiration behind Flavio Manzoni’s creation. If this is the LaFerrari replacement, it definitely looks futuristic. Proportions look pretty similar to the LaFerrari though. The bodywork is more sculpted with organic lines. It looks like…

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Lamborghini, Ferrari stoned by angry mod in India Ferrari Lamborghini Videos 

VIDEO: Lamborghini, Ferrari Stoned by Angry Mob in India

This is not something you see everyday- supercars being attacked by miscreants. A Lamborghini and Ferrari stoned by an angry mob in India during a political rally. A Lamborghini Aventador and a Ferrari 458 Italia were driven down from New Delhi for a political rally where a group of hooligans attacked them by pelting stones. The incident was captured on camera which clearly shows stones hitting the supercars. We’re not sure what irked the crowd. As the mob began attacking, the drivers of the exotics tried to escape. But before…

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Yellow 812 Superfast-Ferrari factory-Leaked image-6 Ferrari News 

Checkout this Yellow 812 Superfast. How will you Spec your Ferrari?

New images of the 812 Superfast have surfaced on the internet. A yellow 812 Superfast parked next to the production line at the Maranello factory looks brilliant in my opinion. How will you spec your 812 Superfast? Would it be in Giallo Modena? Let us know in the comments below. I know, that’s not a particularly exciting name if you’re hearing it for the first time. Sadly, that’s your new Ferrari. The Ferrari 812 Superfast will be the star of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. While, the name might not…

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Ferrari 812 Superfast-2017 Geneva Motor Show-1 Ferrari Geneva Motor Show News 

2017 Geneva Motor Show: Ferrari 812 Superfast

No, the new V12 Ferrari isn’t called the F12 M. The most powerful production model in Maranello’s line up is the new Ferrari 812 Superfast. Stick around, for I bet you want to know more about the Ferrari 812 Superfast. Ferrari has just revealed the F12 Berlinetta replacement in the form of the 812 Superfast. The car will make its official debut at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show in March. Like I said before, it is the most powerful production GT car to ever roll out of Maranello. At its heart is…

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Counterfeit Ferrari kit car factory busted in Spain Ferrari News 

Counterfeit Ferrari Kit Car Factory Busted in Spain

Ferrari kit cars are fairly common. These are inexpensive and often badly built hunks of fiber glass which start out life as an old Mitsubishi, Toyota or something cheap. But, selling replicas of more recent models can be an offence as under trademark laws copying the designs is illegal. Spanish police recently busted one such business involved in the manufacturing and selling of counterfeit Ferrari kits cars. The police also found fiber glass replica of a Lamborghini built around a Toyota. The video shows quite a few almost accurate representations of…

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Ferrari FXX for sale at Amari-1 Ferrari Supercars for Sale 

World’s Only Road-Legal Ferrari FXX is for Sale at Amari

It doesn’t get any rarer than a Ferrari FXX. Especially, this one. It’s the only road-legal Ferrari FXX in the world out 38 track only supercars built by Maranello back in 2005. Now, the world’s only street-legal Ferrari FXX is for sale at Amari and can be yours. What is the Ferrari FXX? The Ferrari FXX is based on the Enzo and was built between 2005-2007. It’s the predecessor to the LaFerrari FXX K and was never meant to be driven on public roads. However, just one of the 38…

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