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Ferrari 488 GTO-458 Speciale Successor-spy shots-1 Ferrari News 

Hardcore Ferrari 488 GTO to be the 458 Speciale Successor

A 458 Speciale successor is currently taking shape behind closed doors at Maranello. Dubbed the Ferrari 488 GTO, the new model will be the most hardcore V8 Ferrari ever and will rival the likes of the upcoming Porsche 911 GT2. The recipe is simple- create a lightweight, agile and powerful Ferrari supercar based on the 488 platform. Like the 458 Speciale, the 488 GTO will use a lot of carbon fiber to save weight. The interior will be stripped out of all the unnecessary bulk. A rigid structure and revised chassis…

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Ferrari F430- Lamborghini Gallardo-Crash Ferrari Lamborghini Videos 

VIDEO: Ferrari F430 Crashes in to Lamborghini Gallardo

A Ferrari F430 crashed into a Lamborghini Gallardo at an event recently. The Lamborghini was stationary while it was being re-fueled. It was a rainy day and the tarmac was wet. The driver of the Ferrar- locked up is brakes and skidded into the Gallardo. Apparently, the Ferrari was being driven by a “professional driver”. While, the impact was quite substantial, damage cause to the bodywork of the supercars can be fixed albeit at a hefty cost. The following video was shot by Alex Grey and was uploaded by Youtube…

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Ferrari Lamborghini McLaren Supercars for Sale 

LaFerrari FXXK, Sesto Elemento, McLaren P1 GTR For Sale in Dubai

If you’re looking to invest in supercars, now is you’re best chance. A dealership in Dubai has the ultimate trio of supercars for sale. For a cool €10 million Knight International will sell you a Ferrari FXX-K, McLaren P1 GTR and a Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. The LaFerrari FXX-K is a race car based on the LaFerrari. With only 40 examples built and sold only to high-profile Ferrari collectors, rarely does one pop up for sale. Priced at €4 million, it’s the most expensive of the three. McLaren also built a limited edition…

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Ferrari 488 GTB wrecked in South Korea Ferrari Videos 

Ferrari 488 GTB Wrecked in Multiple Car Pile-up in South Korea

A Ferrari 488 GTB wrecked while passing another car on highway in South Korea. The supercar was involved in a multiple car pile-up as it was side swiped by a sedan. The following dashcam video show why you should always check you mirrors before switching lanes on a highway. The driver of the black sedan is clearly at fault here as it swerved in front of the Ferrari disregarding the unbroken white line marking the lane. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Ferrari 488 GTB wrecked…

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Ferrari F12tdf DSKL-David Lee-6 Ferrari News 

David Lee Reveals his one-off Ferrari F12tdf DSKL

As a bonafide Ferrari collector, David Lee keeps adding new prancing horses to his collection once in a while. He recently took delivery of a one-off Ferrari F12tdf DSKL. It’s designed as a tribute to the 1964 Ferrari 250 Lusso Competizione which also part of his collection. The F12tdf DSKL is painted in yellow with the Italian tricolore on top. It matches the color scheme of the iconic 250 Lusso Competizione. Even the rims match that of the classic wire mesh rims from the 1960s. The interior is finished in…

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Salomondrin-Fast Toys Club-Fastest Supercar Chevrolet Ferrari Lamborghini McLaren Videos 

VIDEO: Which one of these is the Fastest Supercar?

Team Salomondrin and Fast Toys Club couldn’t agree on the fastest supercar on sale today. So, they decided to settle the argument by pitting four of the quickest supercars against each other for a timed lap of the Willow Springs circuit. The contenders- Chevrolet Corvette Z06, Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4, Ferrari 488 GTB and McLaren 675LT. To make the test as scientific as possible, the team decided to run all cars on the same rubber. Except for the Corvette, the remaining three used Pirelli Trofeo Rs while the Z06 was on…

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Ferrari 812XX Rendering-Emilano-2 Ferrari News 

This Ferrari 812XX Could Replace the 599XX Evo in the Future

As part of the XX program Ferrari’s most valued customers get a chance to own and drive the most advanced race cars which are generally based on a production car from that period. Ferrari 599XX Evo was introduced back in 2011. It was basically a heavily modified 599 GTB with improved aero, suspension and a racing engine. Not too long ago, Ferrari introduced the LaFerrari FXX K- the latest in the line of XX cars built specifically for the race track. It is seen as a successor to the FXX which…

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Ex-Mayor Ferrari Moscow Shopping Mall-Drift Ferrari Videos 

Ferrari Breaks into Moscow Mall, Drifts and Performs Donuts

A Ferrari driver broke in to a Moscow mall late last night. The driver who was later identified as the ex-mayor of the city drove into the shopping center and performed stunts in his new Italian supercar. The driver- Arkhangelsk Alkesandr Donskoy entered the build using a loading ramp moments before the mall was about to shut down. CCTV footage reveals the Ferrari being driven erratically through the hallway. Occasionally, the driver performed donuts which left tire marks on the floor. According to RT, it took 15 minutes for the mall authorities…

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2017 Ferrari Challenge-Yas Marina-Abu Dhabi Ferrari News 

2017 Ferrari Challenge Asia Pacific Kicks off at Abu Dhabi

2017 Ferrari Challenge Asia Pacific kicked off at Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina Circuit today. This year, the 3-day high-octane motor racing extravaganza marks the 25th anniversary of the international one-make series. Some of the participants will be driving the new Ferrari 488 Challenge car for the first time. The latest model is the first turbocharged race car to feature in the one-make series. It is also the most powerful Challenge car ever. For 2017 Ferrari Challenge, the field will be divided into 3-classes- Trofeo Pirelli, Pirelli AM and Coppa Shell….

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2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta For Sale-iLusso California-1 Ferrari Supercars for Sale 

2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta For Sale at iLusso

iLusso in Costa Mesa, California have a unique Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta for sale. It’s a 2015 model year Aperta with low miles and a one-off spec. This Speciale Aperta is finished in a Nero exterior with matching black wheels and interior upholstery. The yellow accents is what makes it stand out from other Speciale Apertas. It has a Speciale stripe in Giallo Modena and matching yellow brake calipers, wing mirrors, side aero blade, active diffuser element. Yellow interior highlights complete the look. Only 499 units of the Ferrari 458…

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