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Workshop 5001-Porsche 911


A Million Dollar Porsche 911 that isn’t a Singer

A million dollars can buy you a decent house or a fancy supercar. But, some of us prefer splashing our hard earned cash on a piece of art. That’s exactly what Workshop 5001 has created.

This a million dollar Porsche 911 hot rod that’s built for those who get the charm of classic air-cooled Porsches. Some may not understand the logic behind it, in the same way that I don’t get the point of spending a million dollars on a 19th century Buttersworth.

This is a 1972 Porsche 911 that’s been modified by Los Angeles-based Workshop 5001. While it may look like a classic 911, it’s the details that set it apart from a regular Porsche from this era. This particular car has body panels from a 1973 model and is finished in crayon paint. Look closer and you’ll notice the bespoke bezels around the headlights, yellow lug nuts, mirrors and door handles finished in brushed aluminium. It has a front splitter made from jabroc wood – the same material that’s used in skid blocks in Formula 1 and Indycar. Fuchs alloys wrapped in fat rubber round up the exterior. The interior is trimmed in green leather and while there are fewer creature comforts, the whole point of this exercise is to offer the purest driving experience.

The 3.4-liter, air-cooled motor is from a 1986 model, which started life as a 3.2-liter block. It has been spiced up with titanium connecting rods, straight-cut intermediate gear, special rockers, custom camshafts, Mahle Motorsports cylinders and is the first engine fitted with a Kinsler injection. The car uses motorsport-derived KW Suspension all around and beefed up brakes.

This mechanical art form may not be to everyone’s taste and fewer could afford one, however we are glad that there are passionate individuals who appreciate it and that someone could envision such a thing.

Here’s the full interview with the man behind this impressive machine – Marlon Goldberg:

Source: Carfection

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