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They'll bolt on a supercharger too if the customer is greedy for more.


800 HP Nitrous Ford Mustang: Ohio Dealer Will Sell You One with Warranty

The latest offering from Beechmont Ford Performance, Ohio is a nitrous-powered Ford Mustang which produces 800 hp and comes with a warranty.

Ohio-based Ford dealer, Beechmont Ford has been in the news before for their $40,000 supercharged Ford Mustang GT which pumps out 700 hp. Now they have returned to the headlines with an 800 hp Ford Mustang GT Drag Pak. So what’s so special about this one other than that juicy power figure? Well… it comes equipped with a nitrous kit and a warranty as an added bonus.

Beechmont Ford Performance claims that the Drag Pack Mustang can easily cover the quarter-mile strip in 10 seconds. To make sure that the car is well-equipped to handle the additional shot of adrenaline… ehm… nitrous, the dealer has installed Steeda drag springs, Mickey Thompson Street SS tires, aftermarket half shafts, billet oil pump gears, and upgraded crank sprockets. The nitrous installation comes with the nitrous controller, outlet kit, remote bottle opener, and of course the bottle of laughing gas set up in the back.

Nitrous Ford Mustang BFP Drag Pak

The Ford Mustang GT Drag Pak is marketed by the dealer as a machine which can be driven on to a drag strip right after making the purchase. We like the way that sounds. Everything that a drag strip racer needs to do to prep up a car for the race has already been done by the dealer. So there isn’t much to change or modify before you get on with the business of putting some decent quarter mile-run times on the clock.

Scalable enough to be added to the Mustang GT in any trim level, the BFP Drag Pak can be integrated into both manual and automatic transmission-equipped cars. In case the owner needs a bit more power, Beechmont Ford Performance has a range of turbochargers and superchargers to bolt on.

There is a catch though. The warranty being offered is partial. Manufacturers don’t really encourage their cars being introduced to modifications and nitrous of all things. BFP exec will be more than happy to shed more details on it. Do poke them about the pricing too when you make that call.

Source: The Drive

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