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Red Bull RB17-rendering


$6.2 million Red Bull RB17 hypercar might look like this

Red Bull Racing has been dominating the racetrack over the past couple of years with Max Verstappen in the seat. However, the company has ambitions beyond Formula 1 and is looking to roll out its first production hypercar around 2025.

The Red Bull RB17 was announced in 2022. The car will be developed by Red Bull Technologies – the engineering division of the Red Bull Racing Group. It will be designed by Adrian Newey, who needs no introduction if you’ve been following Formula 1.


Until now, we’ve only seen a digital sketch showing the silhouette of the RB17. This new rendering gives us a better idea of what the production version might look like. Let’s be honest, it looks similar to the Aston Martin Valkyrie.

According to technical director Rob Gray, the RB17 will be powered by a V8 mild-hybrid producing around 1250 hp. That being said, the car is expected to be ultra-lightweight and would feature extreme aero, including ground effect.

Production of the Red Bull RB17 will be pegged at 50 units.

Source: Motor Trend

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