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2023-G87-BMW M2-leaked-image-1


2023 BMW M2 leaked ahead of its official debut

Leaked images of the all-new BMW M2 have surfaced online. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t have an oversized kidney grille.

It must be said, the new M2 has a more friendly face compared to the M4. It still isn’t the cleanest design, with horizontal and vertical lines dominating the front fascia.

2023-G87-BMW M2-leaked-image-3

The rear of the car still has those weird-looking tail lamps. But, your eyes will be drawn to the chunky bumper before you notice the odd lights. It seems the bumper design was inspired by the M4 DTM race car.

2023-G87-BMW M2-leaked-image-2

Looks aside, the new M2 is expected to offer the same thrills as the old model. It will be powered by a 6-cylinder engine sending its power to the rear axle. Moreover, it will also be the last non-hybrid M model.

Source: Bimmerpost

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