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2020 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Italia
Yep, only 15.

Alfa Romeo

2020 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Italia Special Edition: Only 15 to be Made

It won’t be making any big changes in the sales figures. But the 2020 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Italia Special Edition lives up to the “limited edition” name tag with only 15 to be made.

The Alfa Romeo 4C range hasn’t been that successful in the US. The coupe was discontinued last year and the Spider somehow soldiered on. To make car guys turn their attention to the already fabulous lines of the sports car, a special edition named the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Italia has been unveiled at the 2019 Chicago Auto Show.

Based on the 2020 4C Spider, the Italia packs the standard car’s turbocharged 1.7-liter inline four with 237 hp and 258 lb-ft. The 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission stays as well. Built on a carbon-fiber monocoque chassis, the 4C Spider Italia can clock 0-60 mph in 4.1 seconds and go all the way up to 160 mph. For the $5,000 premium over the regular car’s $73,495 price tag, the “limited” customer base gets a bunch of “special” entries in the features list.

2020 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Italia

First up, the flashy Misano Blue Metallic paint job, garnished with the front intake, surrounds and rear diffuser finished in piano black. You’ve seen that blue shade on the Stelvio and the Giulia, but not on the 4C range before. “4C Spider Italia” logos and a numbered plaque in the center console remind the occupants of how “special” this 4C Spider is.

2020 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Italia

A rearview camera, cruise control, and rear parking sensors are part of the standard equipment. Other noteworthy features include the yellow brake calipers, microsuede-trimmed seats, and the center-exit exhaust system which were otherwise additional options when you order a 4C Spider.

Only 15 examples of the North America-only 2020 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Italia Special Edition will be made. Though it won’t bring the volumes up by a huge margin, the Italia edition could reignite the interest in the brand for a bit longer. To be very blunt, this is indeed a lazy special edition from Alfa. But given how lame the sales graph looks when it comes to the car’s US sales, you can’t really blame the manufacturer for not bothering to try harder.

Source: Motor Authority

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