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Alfa Romeo 4C

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo 4C: Is the beauty just skin deep?

Alfa Romeo 4C

Alfa Romeo 4C is love by all for how it looks. Historically, Alfa Romeo designs have struck a chord with both the sexes. However, in the recent past their cars have been criticized for being too unreliable. So, when the company set out to make a lightweight sports car, no body was sure if the move would pay off.

As always, the Italian company came up with a cracking look thing. It was light because it was made out of carbon fiber and the engine produced just about 240 hp. A mid-engine, rear-wheel drive, lightweight sports car made by an Italian company. What could possibly go wrong? XCAR’s Alex Goy tries to explore if the new Alfa Romeo 4C has what it takes to live up to Alfa heritage.

 Alfa Romeo 4C: You’ll Want To Love It

Source: XCARFilms via Youtube

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